Monday, August 11, 2014

Blog Re-Launch - The Book Bridge - Helping Abused Kids

I write sci-fi stories for the middle and high school crowd because I want to see kids read more.  Strong reading skills are a key part of growing up with as many life options as possible.

One organization I work with locally that takes this thought process specifically to children in crisis situations is The Book BridgeThey serve youth 18 and younger who are in physical, economic, emotional, or mental health crisis situations. These kids mostly live in homeless shelters, safe houses, or residential treatment facilities, but have little or no access to books of their interest and reading abilities.

I've had the opportunity to donate time and copies of Spartanica to this group recently and just love what they do.  These kids undoubtedly need help, and The Book Bridge provides them the opportunity to grow their minds through literature.

Help a kid today. Donate to The Book Bridge.


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